911 Dispatch

Emergency Telecommunications Program

Students in this program receive instruction and hands-on training in our dispatch training lab equipped with state of the art equipment and software utilized by agencies throughout the world.  The students receive instruction in law enforcement, fire/rescue and medical call taking and dispatching. 

They will learn and demonstrate knowledge of civil and criminal law, advanced communication skills (phone and radio), crisis intervention, event preparation, use of community and agency resources, ICS, stress management and employability skills.  

As a senior, they will also have the opportunity to become certified by the International Academies of  Emergency Dispatch as an Emergency Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Fire Dispatcher, and Emergency Police Dispatcher.  They will also receive certification in Healthcare Provide CPR/AED

I hope to share the passion that I have for this career with my students. I have partnered with many local, state, federal and private agencies and organizations to ensure that the curriculum is always current, relevant and rigorous. 

My goal is that my students graduate with all of the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become a successful 9-1-1 operator and help save the lives of others.   

​​​​​​​ –Mrs. Henricksen