Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Program

The Law Enforcement major will focus on critical thinking, conflict management skills, and fundamental character building in each student. Mrs. Sparks strives to develop a well informed and overall better individual by focusing on Law Enforcement elements. The 2018-2019 school year is Mrs. Sparks’ 25th overall year of teaching and her 10th year teaching Law Enforcement at VTCTA.

Law Enforcement officers are in great demand around the country at all levels- Federal, State, and Local- and in numerous agencies.  U.S. Citizens want their Law Enforcement officers to be compassionate, honorable, fair, and well trained.

Law Enforcement studies will include:
  • Radio protocol
  • Vehicle stops
  • Map reading
  • Command presence
  • Handcuffing
  • Search/Pat downs
  • Investigation procedures
  • MILO simulator
  • Weapons nomenclature, handling and range safety
  • Conflict management
  • De Escalation Skills
“I am honored and excited to work with you to become a better citizen of the world.” -- Mrs. Sparks