Community Service
All VTCTA students are expected to earn 25 Volunteer Service hours per year.  In order to receive credit for the community service you complete, the volunteer  service must comply with the following guidelines.


  • Volunteer Service is any voluntary work completed for the benefit of others in need for which there is no payment (monetary or other compensation).  Students gain self-confidence, leadership skills and personal understanding through their accomplishments while reaching out to help others.  
  • Additionally, Volunteer Service in or around a student’s career interest may facilitate future job opportunities and also increases the student’s viability for scholarships and college admission.
  • Completed service hours submitted may be used as a determining factor for internship opportunities, scholarships, awards, early release, field trips, etc
  • Service is earned at a 1 to 1 ratio; one hour of service is one hour of service credit.
  • Service hour requests must be submitted on the VTCTA digital volunteer tracking program x2VOL and backed up with a HARD COPY of their hours......TECHNOLOGY FAILS!  This can be done with a VTCTA Volunteer Service Log Sheet (see attachment) or a current print out from x2VOL.


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  • Letters documenting hours can be accepted but must contain the following information: student name, student number, event name, date service completed, hours completed and verifying signatures and contact information.
  • However, students must still create the event in x2VOL for hours to be verified.
  • VTCTA community service hours FOR STUDENTS run from April 1st of 2017 to March 31st of 2018.  Any hours completed after this time will transfer to the following school year.
  • Document all hours completed even if it is part of a school event.  In the end, it is the student’s responsibility to log hours into x2VOL/submit log sheets with documented hours.  Do not rely on the teacher/advisor to submit hours.

After service hours are verified by VTCTA, the students x2VOL/Naviance account will be updated.  

The VTCTA Community adheres to an honor code; your submissions of time should reflect what you have genuinely done

Ultimately, your community service undertakings should benefit the community in a meaningful way, and you will personally benefit from the act of kindness and the gift of your time and effort.

WHAT CAN BE COUNTED                         

  • Service events sponsored or recommended by VTCTA.
  • Service projects sponsored by activities outside of VTCTA: Schools, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, Clubs, Civic Organizations, Work
  • Student-initiated service opportunities: Schools, Religious Organizations, Non-Profits, Civic Organizations
  • Meetings to plan a service project along with the project itself
  • Time spent in preparation for a performance offered as a community service along with the performance itself
  • Volunteering for a political campaign
                                   WHAT CANNOT BE COUNTED                                                                                          
  • Regular meetings of school clubs, organizations, or activities
  • Service done for a court-ordered diversion/probation program
  • Performances done as a requirement of a VTCTA activity
  • Work done for or with your family that is part of normal family obligations, (i.e. babysitting siblings, mowing your lawn, driving to school, etc.)
  • School activity or club involvement, unless working toward a specific service project that benefits those in need.
  • Service done for a for-profit business (i.e. working at parent's/family member's office, volunteering for a for-profit company's normal business as a volunteer instead of as a paid employee. 
  • Babysitting