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Magnet News

Magnet Seat Acceptance--Click Here!

Accept your seat by Thursday, Mar. 7, 2019.


You seat must be accepted either ONLINE or return of ACCEPTANCE LETTER to school of choice  on MARCH 7th,
by 3pm SHARP!  
Anything returned after will be considered LATE and entered into the LATE APPLICATION POOL!
  • SEAT ACCEPTANCE: To accept your seat you will need to log into your Magnet Application, and click the 'Accept' button.  Make sure you HIT SAVE!
  • I AM HAVING TROUBLE ACCEPTING ONLINE: If you having a hard time accepting your seat, log out and wait a few hours....sometimes the system becomes overwhelmed. If you are still having trouble, please call 702-799-4710 ex 4087 and we will be happy to help you.
  • WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Mid March all students who have accepted their seat, will receive a New Student Registration packet. This packet will explain paperwork, program fees and when New Student Registration is.
  • WHEN IS NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION: We do not yet have a confirmed date, but it will happen sometime in April. When you receive your Registration Packet, the date will be listed there.
  • TRANSPORTATION:  We DO NOT have any transportation information available at this time.  Once students have been registered to VTCTA, then the Transportation Department will begin assigning schedules. You should be able to determine your students Drop Off/Pick Up location no later than July.   You can check at the following
  • TRANSPORTATION:  Attached is a PDF of the 2018-19 (the current year) showing the CURRENT drop off/pick up locations.